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About Democracy Counts!

Democracy requires free and fair elections. Free and fair elections require voting systems that are transparent and verifiable, to guarantee that the candidate winning the most votes is actually the candidate declared the winner. Most voting systems, including in the U.S., are vulnerable to fraud. When this happens in the presidential race, the results are disastrous, for the United States and for the world.

We have created an election audit system that exposes ballot box stuffing, vote stealing, vote switching and other election fraud. The legitimacy of elections can now be verified with hard data.

We are restoring to citizens their right to choose their government and to hold it accountable. No longer will we have to rely on hope that voting will make a difference. Now we can be sure that when we vote our voice will be heard. And with that we can start taking the difficult steps required to increase justice and equality, address climate change, and build a more equitable economy.

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Democracy Counts! is developing an election audit system called the VeriCount™ Electoral Accountability System. Based on apps running on top of a powerful recording and reporting platform, it enables citizens to verify their elections.

Our goal is to provide VeriCount™ to American election verification organizations in time for the 2016 presidential election, and afterwards to release it to the world, cheaply or free.

The VeriCount™ system is built upon an open-source software engine we developed called Votabit. We will also use the Votabit engine to power a transparent, verifiable, and virtually unhackable voting system, which we will license to companies and governments. Profits will help subsidize distribution of VeriCount™.

As SolidVote’s use increases, the need for VeriCount™ will decrease.

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