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Welcome to Democracy COUNTS

Our mission is to ensure the integrity of democratic elections by providing citizens the tools to audit their own elections.

Free and fair elections are a core principle of democracy. They hold leaders accountable and are the first step in creating trust in government and law.

The VeriCount Electoral Accountability System empowers citizens to watchdog their elections and hold officials to account. The easy-to-use phone and tablet apps allow activists, poll watchers, exit auditors, election monitors and voters to generate data to compare with official results at every stage of the electoral process. The system reports in real time, making it possible to issue reports on findings almost instantly and with a high degree of accuracy. The data produced comprises direct, clear and convincing evidence of voter intent. In cases where official results vary significantly from audit results, the evidence will meet the judicial standard required for an injunction against certification of the results and ordering an investigation.

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Our Mission

Defending the vote and empower citizens to watchdog their goverments.

Our Worldview

Voting is the most precious right of every
citizen, and we have a moral obligation to
ensure the integrity of our voting process.

Our Secret

We're all working together; that's the secret.

dedicated people

Meet some of our TEAM

Daniel H.Wolf, Esq.
Daniel H.Wolf, Esq.

While in law school Dan wrote one of the world's first manuals for election observing, for the Nicaraguan elections of 1984. In 2012 he acted as senior adviser to the International Election Observation Mission, which applied his intellectual and methodological framework to its monitoring of the 2012 Taiwan elections.

Daniel H.Wolf, Esq.

Alec Hahn
Alec Hahn

Alec has been involved with Bitcoin and has worked with several blockchain technologies and startups, including Bitcoin42 and BitHalo.

Alec Hahn

"Whether your State is red, blue or purple, you deserve to have your vote counted accurately. When democratic rules are faithfully observed, our ability to solve problems increases and our country grows stronger."
Paul Bedington